Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Geology Video Morning

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Geology Movie Morning on Friday December 11th
Grade 5 Classroom at 8:45 am

Parents, teachers and students,you are invited... We will be watching the student geology films that were written, filmed, edited and produced entirely by the students. We had no idea how much work the films would be an we want to celebrate with you by kicking back and viewing our films.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

An Exploration into Religion: Judaism

Our new PYP unit central idea is that "Religions help people express their beliefs and values." We will examine

  • similarities and differences of world religions
  • how symbols, artifacts and architecture are used to help people with their expression
  • why traditions and rituals exist in religions
We will start with Judaism since it is the first monotheistic religion. Students are going to continue working on their research skills with a focus on organization of content and thorough notes taken in shorthand. Some of the resources we will use during this focus are going to include these videos:

BBC: My Life, My Religion: Judaism

Judaism Core Beliefs and Values

The Story of Judaism