Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reused Material Projects

As reported on a few posts ago, students had an assignment to find items around the house on their way to the rubbish bin, and create something useful out of them. I took photos and wanted to share projects with you. All of the projects were awesome! I found Adrienne's eye mask to be the most creative and I loved both the robot and the parachute toys. Nice work guys!


End Of Year Countdown!

This past Monday I surprised the students with a balloon pop count-down. I got the idea from my teaching team as well as this wonderful blogger.

The first balloon on Monday allowed students to write thank-you notes to their favorite teachers and staff members around the school. I got out the glue, glitter and art supplies and watched them put their creative thoughts to down on paper. I placed the cards in teachers boxes and spread some end of year cheer form 3R. I know we have all been blessed with wonderful teachers this year and it is always nice to tell them how appreciative we are!

Yesterdays balloon presented them with a paper airplane contest. The students got to design an airplane and test it out in class before the contest. I judged for both distance and design, so there were two student winners. They happened to both be girls (I think the boys were a little shocked since they definitely seemed like experts!) It was great fun letting the paper fly in class. The students were so excited to complete this challenge and most students avoided hitting the teacher. Meet though, couldn't keep his airplane from climbing high and landing on the top of furniture and the air con. Good thing I am not too short. At the end, we went outside and had our contest. I think what they enjoyed the most though, was chucking them at me while I took a photo. Fun!

Today the magic balloon allowed them to use markers and sit where they wanted. I will let you ask them how that went! All I can say, is that combined with the smart dress day and the assembly, I am not sure I will ever have that as an option ever again... yes, it was that bad. Luckily, tomorrow is another day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Caine's Arcade Inspires Us!

Today we watched this short video about a young child who created his own arcade out of recycled materials during his free time. I have to admit that the first time I watched this video at home, I got a bit teary-eyed... it is that wonderful. 

During our current PYP Unit about endangered animals have been learning that one way to help these beloved creatures is to help take care of the earth so that habitats and resources that animals need will not be ruined.  This fit into our unit perfectly because last week students had to reuse plastic heading for the garbage and make it into something useful. Today we shared a variety of projects including a dish, bracelet, toy, sleep mask, planter and musical instrument, just like Caine's Arcade. We also discussed ways in which Caine exhibits PYP learner profile traits and how students can be a little more like this amazing boy wonder.

Watch it with your children. After viewing the video, discuss it with your child and see where the discussion takes you. Leave a comment or connection below. We would love to hear what you thought of the video.

There is even a foundation created to find, foster and fun creativity and entrepreneurship in kids. Check out this link and others below to learn more!

Caine's Arcade Foundation
Caine's Arcade
The Perfect Moment Goes Perfectly Viral- New Yorker Article 
A Boy's Fast Fame, Build of Cardboard and Tape- New York Times Article
9 Hidden Factors of Caine's Arcade Success- Forbes Article

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miss Rorey is a Crocodile!

Did you that I am a crocodile? Well, at least that is what the WWF says. Today in class we discovered this awesome online game that determines your inner animal. You enter your email address and answer a few short questions and pretty soon, you discover what your inner animal is. We found the game by chance, but it was so much fun, we just had to keep playing and postpone our next endangered animal lesson until another day. Ms. Irene was a sloth and the blurb really matched her personality, just like my blurb matched to a crocodile. 

 For homework tonight, the students are going to go on the website, take the quiz for themselves and then ask a family member to play with them. To get there, click here and search the homepage for the title Find Your Inner Animal. You can use the printable below to record your results. Click on it to download and print. Then bring your assignment in to class to share. I can't wait to hear what animal you truly are! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do...

Monkey up?

Or monkey down?

Christophe created this very clever book cover for his endangered animal booklet. Depending on how you view it, the money is either hanging upside down in a tree surrounded by clue sky, or walking on an island. The entire class was amazed and we all thought it was really cool. Keep the creative juices flowing!!!

Weekly Newsletter

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Action: Last Chance to See Unit

Last week, students brought in items they had made out of trash on the very same day. This was action that they took entirely independently and I welcomed them to share their items with the class. I was thrilled to see the creativity and care that they brought to the project. I can tell that the students are understanding the message of the unit. We are learning that we have an impact on the environment and this affects other species and that everyone has a responsibility to take care of the planet so that living things can thrive in the future.

Alma, Elin and Maiya made bracelets from peanut shells, bottle caps and beads from home. I was impressed about how wonderful they looked and it was such a smart way to reuse common items from home that typically end up in the trash.

Travis brought in some fishing lures that he made from corks. He told us that when he goes fishing, he needs different lures for catching different types of fish. One of the lures he brought in was made to look like one he bought. It was very similar and we were all impressed!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Final X at IST

The Final Exhibition projects were on display this week and 3R got to visit and learn from the amazing students in grade 5. Final Exhibition is a culminating project conducted over a few months that allows students to show what they have learned while at IST. The students work together in groups to research a topic of their choice (relevant to local issues in Dar es Salaam,) determine an action plan and act on that plan to help important causes and bring awareness about issues to the greater IST community. 

The students in 3R attended performances and exhibitions on Friday for two periods. The students were paired up with clipboards, pencils and new eraser tops in hand with the mission to find out at least one fact about every booth they visit. It was nice seeing everyone interacting with the grade 5 students and learning about some really cool, relevant topics, many of which we have discussed already this year. Way to go grade 5!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friendly Letter Writing

This week our writing focus was on creating friendly letters. On Tuesday I introduced the components of a friendly letter and shared with the students how to compose a letter with all of the necessary parts. 

We drafted letters to a person of our choosing and the students came up with many interesting topics to share about what was happening in their day to day life.

The following day, I gave an assignment to the students today to write a letter to someone different and many chose Roald Dahl, since we are doing a focus unit on his books. Other students chose people from the school or home setting and a few even wrote letters to imaginary characters. Here are some of the letters below: