Friday, December 7, 2012

Intrenational Day 2012!

Better late than never right? International Day was so fantastic this year. Bright and early, the kids were all dressed up and pumped up for the parade. The kids waved flags, sang songs and cheered their country on while parading in front of the parents and flashing camera lights. We were ushered into the covered court for the assembly to begin. It was a fun filled event full of music and dancing. I was so surprised that 5 of my students were in performances and I didn't even know it. What a bunch of "risk-takers" I have in my class.

After the assembly we went back to class to wait for our turn to go out to the booths. We turned on the Smartboard, searched for some world maps on the internet and did some work on world geography. The kids did really well with their map skills. By the time we were finished, we were ready to go visit the booths. The parents did such a wonderful job of setting everything up and organizing fun food and events to teach the kids about different countries. There were so many highlights including the ice block bath, the origami sumo wrestlers, and the election for king of the jungle! Thank you so much parents for organizing such a wonderful event!


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