Monday, May 13, 2013

No Homework This Week

 I taught persuasive writing last week and here is one of the final drafts I received. 

Dear Miss Rorey,
   Do you like homework? Well if you do,nobody else does.We need no homework!!!!! You know why? Well here are my reasons.

   One reason is that you already give us work to do at school so why give us more to do at home.We can do more work in class.We can even make school longer.Miss Rorey you should know nobody in the earth likes homework.Please agree with me.

   Another reason is it wastes paper when we do homework.You always tell us not to waste paper so why are you doing it? You know what happens when we don't save paper.We might actually save a lot of paper if we don't have homework.
   My next reason is that you won't have to waste your time in life checking work.With all of the marking ,you might break your hand.You won't get bored of checking work and you will sleep through the night peacefully.

   My final reason is we can have more time to go shopping for you and buy you expensive gifts.I might even get you a flat screen tv and a sauna.Y-O-U you will be the happiest , most relaxed person in the universe.One more question do you want a mansion? If you do I might get you one.

    Please make people happy and make sure there is no homework.Thank you for reading my remarkable letter.

P.S If you don't agree you will be hearing from my lawyer and I will get a lawyer.

No joke. And yes, her writing always has this much voice in it. Well, given that I could not stop reading and laughing, I figured that she did her job well by matching her reasons to her audience and convincing me. (A little bribe once in a while doesen't hurt either.) 

P.S. Deborah, I will wait for my mansion and there is no need to get a lawyer.

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