Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back in the Day When I Was Young

One of my students a few months into school said to me "Ms. Rorey, back when I was young, I didn't know anything." I was going over her math pre-assessment and post-assessment. What she meant was only 6 weeks ago I didn't know anything. Kids say the darnedest things!

We had a good laugh about it together and then I remembered.... the percentage of their life that passes by in 6 weeks is greatly larger than the percentage of my life that passes in 6 weeks. I was reminded this morning by my best friend in San Francisco that I am yes.... truly old. I asked her what it meant that I had creaky and squeeky knees. I have been running a lot lately and have been noticing grinding, popping and general weirdness. She wrote back:

creaky+squeaky knees = old

Yikes! I guess that is that then. Well, my kids think they are old, especially when they go visit our reading buddies in EC. Two weeks ago, we visited Ms. Jane's class for writing week and the kids got to partner up and write in whatever method and topic they could imagine. We brainstormed and came up with water, paint, crayons, sticks, markers, chalk, and.... finger paint. You would have thought it was the best day ever for my kids.

They rushed to the finger paint and got started. Smiles, joy and general statements of awe came from their faces along with comments such as "this is wonderful," and "this is amazing." Finger paint... who knew. Well, if you ever want to go back to your youth, take a lesson from my kiddos. GET OUT THE FINGER PAINT! (or make it yourself and there is edible too) What a way to enjoy life to the fullest!


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