Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Math: Stem and Leaf Plot Resources

Hi Students! Stem and Leaf plots are helpful and new for us in grade 5. It is one way to show data in a graphical format. It helps show distribution of the data and helps to visually show any outliers. We have already created circle graphs, bar graphs, and analyzed data to find the minimum, maximum, mean, mode, median and range. This new way to organize data will help you to visually see the data you have organized in a different way.

Assignment for Thursday January 14:

  1. Watch video 1 as a class. Pause during the second example and work with a partner to create a Stem and Leaf Plot in your math notebook for the data he gives you. Compare as a class. Now you can complete steps 2-4 on your own using your computer. 
  2. Write down the steps to create a Stem and Leaf Plot in your notebook.
  3. Watch the second video if you still need more clarity.
  4. Go to the link at the bottom and read it. Take any notes you think you need in your math notebook. Complete the questions at the bottom of the page in your math notebook.
Video 1

Stem and Leaf plots steps from the video:

  1. Order your data from least to greatest
  2. Make your cross for your Stem and Leaf Plot
  3. Top left, write Stem. Top right, write Leaf.
  4. Write in your values for your 10s in the Stem side
  5. The leaf represents the 1s place, so put the 1s digits in the leaf column in order
  6. Put your key on your graph
Video 2

Assignment Web Link


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