Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gardening with Ms. Rorey's Roaring Leopards

Our first week back to school from our holiday was great. We had so many fun events planned and the students were so great making the transition back.

Over break, we left our bean plants in the classroom with the hope that they would grow with a little watering help from our dada. Luckily when I came in on Monday for professional development they were flourishing. When I looked out the window, I also saw the garden cleaned up. I knew that things were going to be just perfect for planting on Thursday.

Thursday morning, small groups of kids headed out with Ms. Irene to get some help and instruction from our gardener. Their task was to plant the garden. The kids had so much fun and really helped out a lot. We are eagerly anticipating our seeds germinating and small plants sprouting out of the ground. Stay tuned for more gardening news in the upcoming weeks!

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