Sunday, October 30, 2011

International Day at IST

Friday we celebrated International Day at IST. It was a wonderful event and the highlight of the year so far for whole school events. The parents really pulled off an A+ event and I want to thank each and every one of them... especially the parents in my room!

The day kicked off with a little bit of rain, but that didn't stop us from parading around the school. The kids lined up with their families at the country that the were represented and waited for the parade to begin. I was lucky because I had Tanzania (the country for which I dressed up supporting) and the US (my home country) right next to each other. Here is a photo of the Tanzanian group waiting to walk.
 I found some teaching friends from the US right next to me. Here is our grade 3 team leader, Ms. McKillip! She loved my Portland shirt, because she is also from Portland, Oregon... small world, huh?
 As each country walked through the school and down toward the field, each group got their picture taken. Here is a photo of the Tanzanian group.
 Waiting for us on the field as we walked to the assembly were some local Tanzanian dancers and musicians. What a great way to start an event!
 The US group was large and loud. The chants of USA could be heard across the field. Everyone was wearing their red, white and blue, and families came with huge American flags.
 When we got to the covered court, the children were chanting, waving flags and having a great time. The event was festive and joyous. It was so nice to see everyone dressed up representing their country.

 Once the assembly was over, classrooms went back to their rooms and waited until it was their turn to go back out onto the field and look at all of the tents. Each continent had a different area of the field and the students got to go out and play games, do crafts, learn facts, taste food and experience different cultures.
Treats and Facts at Mexico

Jump Rope at Canada

Treats at the United States of America

Origami Tops at Japan

Games in Asia

Treats in Africa

Travis and Evan with Travis's mom learning about South Africa

Learning about Spices from Zanzibar

Fresh Coconut from Tanzania

Soap made from plants at the Zanzibar presentation

3R posing in front of the Tanzanian animals

Painting at Europe

Answering questions and getting treats from Europe

Meet bobbing for apples with a little help from Tim

Miss Irene and Miss Rorey dressed to represent Tanzania! Thanks to Miss Irene for the wonderful outfits.

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