Thursday, December 8, 2011

Water Cycle Presentation

Class 3R would like to take some time to thank Tashia's dad for coming to IST today to share with all of grade three lots of wonderful information about the water cycle.

We learned many things!

You can make crops in the desert- Vansh
You can use lots of water just by brushing your teeth and not turning off the tap- Tristan
Just to grow an apple, it takes 70 liters of water- Travis
It takes 184 liters of water just to make a package of potato chips- Luka
It takes 16,000 liters of water to produce 1kg. of beef- Ethan/Stan
21 million wholes are dug in India to find water under ground- Tanay
You can find water in the desert- Evan
If you pollute the water and drink it, you can get sick- Elrad
Chemicals pollute the water and when it goes in wells it is not good for human use- Christophe
Many cities around the world use ground water- Meet
Sometimes the water is so polluted you have to wear suits to touch it- Travis
It is better to stop the water when you are not using it during the shower-Maiya
When you are brushing your teeth, turn off the tap- Noelle
Don't use too much water when you are washing your hands-Jescah
Don't take a shower too long-Elin
The world mostly uses water for farming- Magali
Farms use more water than factories-Zoey
In the desert there is a lot of water underground but you can't see it-Alma
Stop your mom and dad while they are taking a long shower- Adrienne
There are many different places that you can find water- Zoey
Don't use too much water for a bath- Noelle
You need water for many, many things- Magali
You should not use underground water too much- Alma
If you use too much water from underground in the desert, you can take all of the water from underground and there won't be any more- Maiya
When you brush your teeth and leave the tap on, you waste 97 liters of water a month- Jescah
Don't throw chemical and trash in the ocean- Elin
People dig wholes 500 meters down for water- Magali
Did you know that some children have to walk 5 km a day to get water- Adrienne
Don't put chemicals in your plants because it will get into your well- Maiya
Sometimes many people need to walk a long, long time to get water- Alma

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