Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank You Doctor Erwin!

Last week, we had another parent come visit and share with the entire grade 3 team what he does as a doctor in Tanzania. Dr. Erwin runs the CCBRT Hospital here in Dar es Salaam. CCBRT is a hospital that specializes in helping individuals with disabilities. The students were fascinated about his job and the commitment he shows to patients and the community everyday.

The students were interested in all aspects of his job and loved looking at the x-rays and prosthetics he brought in. He told us about a child named Santino who was born unable to walk upright. At CCBRT Santino had treatment on his legs. Santino put in large amount of effort and commitment to strengthen his body. Through his hard work and persistence, Santino can now walk upright. The students were so surprised to hear that not only will braces and prosthetics help people walk, but after a while, some people can even play football!

After watching the video below, some of them even made a plan to take action by raising money for surgeries. Say tuned to hear about the plan that is in the works. Hopefully some time soon, 3R can help people in need with a donation for some surgeries.

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