Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thank You Dr. Roland!

3R was lucky to have Dr. Roland, Louise's dad, come in and teach us more about the human body how the body systems are interconnected. He also talked to us about what doctors and nurses do for you when you are sick. He brought in some medical tools for us to explore and left a friend with us in the classroom. Harry the skeleton, our newest addition to the classroom, has fit right in and has been a gracious guest. He has helped us to learn about the skeletal system and given us a tool to use when determining where organs are located in the body in relationship to the bones. He has been keeping us company and watching over us as we learn. Everyone is happy to have Harry visit for a few weeks!
Each student got to go up and use the medical tools and learned what each specific tool was for. The faces they made when the first heard a beating heart or saw the inside of the ear canal was priceless!
Overall, the morning was wonderful and 3R sends a huge "asante sana" to Dr. Roland for giving us an hour of his time. Each student took a moment to write a thank-you letter to Dr. Roland to show our gratitude and appreciation. Below I included a wonderful letter showing lots of enthusiasm and creativity. Check it out.... all I can say is "WOW."
Thank you again Dr. Roland!

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