Friday, November 23, 2012

What's In a Name?

Today was International Day and I am exhausted!!! I can't even tell that I only taught two periods today. (Yes you heard correctly, only two periods.) The morning was great. I loved participating in the parade. I was fully decked out in U.S.A. gear, with denim jeans, an I Heart U.S.A. t-shirt, ponytail, red white and blue nails, and jewelry too! Pictures from the day will come later.

Sitting and reflecting on the day (or finding anything I can do to avoid writing reports) made me realize that I had not posted the homework I adapted this week. I wanted to share it with everyone so that you can use it as you wish. It would not only be a great activity for International Day, but also for the start of the year too. The assignment was to discuss with their parents where their name came from. The kids were really excited to complete this assignment. Many students learned lots of new information this week.

I can remember way back when I was a child the first moment I heard about where I was named from. It was interesting because I was given such a unique name. My mom named me after a woman who was a second mother to her growing up. This neighbor died in child-birth and my mom wanted to honor her by naming her first born daughter in her memory. We are still very close to the family and her daughters are just like my real and true Aunties. I dedicate this post to anyone who has been lost by their families and friends at too early an age, including my wonderful Aunt Frannie.

P.S. I am so glad I was a girl because if I was a boy my parents were going to name me Jeb.... yikes. No offense, but Rorey fits much better.


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