Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Visit from Mr. Hall

Last week we asked our school director Mr. Hall to come in and speak about some of his heroes. He found us in the computer lab and sat down for a chat. He shared with us three heroes he admires and shared a little bit about each one. He explained that his heroes are people who were not necessarily in the limelight but still did great things.
We were surprised to make a connection with one of his heroes, Walter Sisulu. He is a hero that worked toward ending apartheid in South Africa and was an inspiration to Nelson Mandela. Mr. Sisulu was featured in a autobiography we read about Nelson Mandela. You can learn more about Walter Sisulu here on Wikipedia.

Another one of Mr. Hall's heroes is his father. We made a connection to that too because Ms. Rorey's mom is one of her heroes and some of our parents are our heroes too! Thanks for coming in to visit Mr. Hall!


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