Friday, February 1, 2013

Let's Continue The Dance Party!

Today was AWESOME! Why? Well, shall I make a list using bullets? Yes!
  • Watching rockets launch while it drizzled. Thanks grade 5... nice work
  • Photographing my students swim and run in the pouring rain and finish the first "Aquathon" of the year for grade 3. Thanks Awesome Owls!
  • Publishing our letters to our new student who joins us on Monday
  • Eating a treat from the Bake Sale grade 4 put on to raise money for CCBRT, a cause near and dear to our hearts. Thanks Arran, especially since after our Economics unit you understood the direction "Get me something, anything chocolate... but make sure it is a good value for my money!"
  • Eating a second surprise treat from the Bake Sale. Thanks Omar
  • Enjoying our indoor recess dance party. Thanks MJ
  • Cracking open the new math Student Journals and listening to cheers from the owlets
  • Receiving high-fives from all of the students for a great week before they all departed to start their weekends
  • Participating in a good student/parent meeting after school
  • And last but not least... keeping the dance party going throughout the weekend with this video. Thanks Kid President

Have a productive, successful, enjoyable weekend 3R and I will see you rested and ready for another awesome week on Monday!

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