Thursday, October 10, 2013

Video Fridays!

This summer I began taking an internet course on using technology in education. I am love, love, loving it and enjoy being back in school myself. It is nice being a student again. 

The class has made me reevaluate how I use technology in the classroom. I use the smartboard and  document camera daily, and blog on a regular basis. I encourage students to use the computer to do research, practice skills, play educational games and communicate with others. Needless to say, I use technology, but how was I going to think of a fresh, new idea for incorporating more technology into the classroom? After scratching my head, I had an idea.

Two weeks ago, I watched an amazing video about an inspirational young girl and "Video Friday" was put into motion. The first "Video Friday" was such a hit, I just had to continue. While students eat their snacks, we get to watch one video and the theme is that it has to be inspiring and have a positive student message. Here are the past two videos, and here is the one for tomorrow. Let me know what you think!

P.S. Sesame Street is still not only cool at age 8, but age 34!

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