Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tricks for Learning Geometry Terms!

In class we have been studying geometry. There are so many geometry words and vocabulary that make it difficult, especially for those students learning English. Many terms and words are not only complicated to understand but difficult to decode as well.

Here are some brain tricks for remembering some geometry words.
  • Horizon- Horses walk on the horizon.
  • Vertical- In skateboarding a ramp that goes up and down is called a vert ramp and vert is for vertical.
  • Diagonal- In tic-tac-toe you can win up, down and diagonal.
  • Intersecting Lines- Just like an intersection, intersecting lines cross.
  • Parallel Likes- The word parallel has parallel lines in it.
The kids are having a good time working with geometry concepts in class. Yesterday we got out the geoboards, tanagrams and pipe cleaners. The students had a choice of materials for the task "discuss what you are making using the geometric terms we are learning in class." Here are some photos.

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