Friday, January 24, 2014

Visiting Author: Marc Tyler Nobleman

Thanks to our lovely librarian, Ms. Karen Choan, we had a wonderful visiting author from the US. Marc Tyler Nobleman spent 4 days with IST presenting and leading workshops for students. It was an amazing experience and something we were lucky to have.

On Monday, Marc Tyler Nobleman discussed his two biographies about authors who created Superman and Batman. The students were engaged in the topic and were fascinated by the information he presented.

 Here is an image of the first comic ever and below is the high school photo of Milton "Bill" Finger, one of the creators of Batman.
 It turns out that Bill Finger's ashes were spread on the coast of Oregon, my home state. What a coincidence. It was interesting to hear of the connection, especially being in Tanzania.

Later on in the week, Marc had my kids in the library for a workshop on creating comics. He presented about the language of comics and how they are used to convey a story with both the words and pictures. He also gave some pointers on creating comics. It was a great session and afterwards, many of the students chose to create comics of their own.

Thanks so much to Marc and Karen for organizing such a wonderful series of events for IST's Writing Week! We loved it!

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