Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kindness Boomerang Video

I showed this to the class last week for video Friday. I was critical of it because all of the diverse characters were playing homeless people or blue collar employees so I decided not to post it, but one of my students requested that it be put on the blog.

I previewed the video prior to showing it to the class and did notice how many stereotypes were shown, but made a decision that the message was still a good one so it was worth showing. Was it the right thing to do? That question is certainly up for debate. I think it was alright as long as I have a discussion with my students about the stereotypes that they saw and what message those stereotypes help to send and perpetuate discrimination. I also am going to ask my class to reflect and think about this question: if they were to recreate the video, what changes would they make and why? What do you think? Send your thoughts below.

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