Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mad Libs

Last week, Sara brought in a book of Mad Libs to share with me. I fondly remember doing Mad Libs with my mom and sister and roaring with laughter at some of the wacky combination of words that we used in the stories.

Today for a writing warm-up, I shared a Mad Libs website that I found and we did a story together. It turned out hilarious. Read it below and if you want leave a comment for us. We would love to hear about your memories of Mad Libs as a child or hear about your wild stories.

A Visit to the Zoo 

By: 3R

Zoos are places where wild teachers are kept in pens or cages so that students can come and look at them on Sunday afternoon. There are two zoos in New York City. One in the Bronx and one in soaked Park. The Park Zoo is built around a large pond filled with clear sparkling juice. Swimming in the pond and eating fish you will see several parrots. When it is feeding time all of the animals make cute noises. The elephant goes buzungus and the turtle doves go bazanga. In one part of the Zoo there are two silly Gorillas who love to eat cats. In another building there is a spotted African car that is so fast it can outrun a dinosaur. But my favorite animal is the Hippopotamus. It has a huge motorcycle and eats fifty pounds of pies a day. You would never know that, really, it's nothing but an oversized pink pig!


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