Thursday, March 14, 2013

Math Story Problems from 3R

Yesterday the students created their own math story problems. Try to see if you can solve these and leave a comment with the answer.

Arran's- I am inviting some beavers onto my trampoline. My trampoline can hold 100 lbs. How many 20 lb. beavers can come on?

Saniya's- It's the first day of the Injured Aqua Animal school. We will be teaching one 200 lb. harp seal, four 300 lb. common dolphins, two 50 lb. sea otters, one 2,500 lb. walrus and three 400lb. bottle nosed dolphins. How much do all of our students weigh together?

Yuna's- We are going on a field trip on an airplane and I have to tell how strong the airplane has to be. We are going to have two gray whales and two beluga whales on. A grey whale is 45,000 lbs. and a beluga whale is 2,000 lbs. How much do they weigh?

Annalisa's- I'm going to the yacht club with the snowshoe hare, three walruses and the harp seal. They all want three pizza's. How much would I need to pay if every pizza costs $12.00? Oh, wait, another animal friend comes and he wants 5 pizza's. How much do I need to pay?


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