Monday, March 25, 2013

Reflecting on Student Led Conferences

PYP students are reflective. The think about their work, think about ways they do well and what they can do differently to improve in the future. Within my teaching, I try to model this for my students with my own performance as much as possible. When we have an activity that will be carried on for the next year, I always try to ask the "experts" (my students) how I can make it better for the class coming in.

We do a Plus/Delta activity. This is something we used to do on the admin team at Spectrum Center, my previous job in the states. It was a great way to reflect and plan for the future.

(What Went Well This Year)
(Suggestions for Next Year)
The goal station was great

Make the time longer in the classroom
Miss Rorey supported our goals

Tour the class first
Stations were spread around the room

Teacher gives positive and goals too
Miss Rorey praised and gave evidence

Reading- Do activity boxes
Math- We could choose any game

Math- Do minute math
Reading- Do reading for parents

Make a unit station
We explained portfolios
After, have 10 minutes of free time in the classroom
Parents asked lots of questions
Games were hard to play against parents

Put friends together

Have RAZ Kids as an option

The most important message I give to my students is that reflection is good, but in order for it to be meaningful, you have to act on your reflection in the future. For me, this is often done through publishing the reflection on my blog and keeping a permanent product of it. This way, next year, I can search for it and make my teaching better in the future. 

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