Monday, January 16, 2012

IST Gives

Hello Families and welcome back from the long holiday! As many of you already know, we had extensive flooding, not only on the IST teacher housing, but throughout all of Dar es Salaam. The water damage was extensive and many people lost everything in the flood, some people even lost their lives. On Friday we had an assembly discussing the aftermath of the flood. The students saw some photos of what occurred, met some lifeguards who work at our school who teamed up and saved lives in the community to become local heroes, and got information about IST Gives.

The school has organized a giving drive to assist families in need. All this week we will be accepting clothing, shoes, bedding, housewares, dried or canned food and money donations to help out families in need.

Our new PYP unit is about Heroes and this is an easy way for you and your family to become heroes to someone in need. All next week, please send in items to be shared with people in need and become a local hero too!

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