Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Student Post: Maiya's Museum Visit

“Daddy look at the big skeleton of the dinosaur," I shouted. Although this was just at the front desk.
We waited in the line for the tickets to go in. When we got the tickets we walked in the big beautiful Museum. We walked up the stairs and my dad saw a gigantic tree trunk that showed some rings, every ring for a year, the tree was more than a thousand years old!
We saw a sign that said "T-REX encounter" and a door next to the big pretty thing. I tugged on my dad’s red and blue shirt and pointed at it. We walked in the large door and all of a sudden I heard a gigantic roar.
We walked around the corner and saw gigantic, I mean enormous, robot dinosaurs. Well they weren't roaming around or anything but they even had like fake skin. 
    They were so horrifying. This is the fun part. At the back of the room was SUE! The Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex. Maybe you haven't heard about Sue, well she is the biggest dinosaur they've found and is the most complete. Amazing huh. THE END

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