Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh No... Not Another Obsession

I like to keep my obsessions to a minimum. My love for dark chocolate m&m's, my kindle, scrabble and owls are some of those very obsessions, in addition to my ever expanding blog roll. Just two weeks ago though, I discovered something that is life changing...Pinterest. Yes, I know, you may be saying "Miss Rorey, get in the game, get with it, where have you been?" but the answer is, I have been in AFRICA! So I guess that is a good enough excuse.

Pinterest allows me to do a few of my obsessions at once. These include find great educational resources, connect to other people around the world, collect photos and ideas and organize things. Pinterest allows me to do all of this. So if you have not discovered Pinterest for yourself (say you are living in Africa, or under a rock) check it out and be sure to follow me. I have a great growing page of owls, language arts activities, vegan food and inspirational posters, just to name a few.

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