Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Final X at IST

The Final Exhibition projects were on display this week and 3R got to visit and learn from the amazing students in grade 5. Final Exhibition is a culminating project conducted over a few months that allows students to show what they have learned while at IST. The students work together in groups to research a topic of their choice (relevant to local issues in Dar es Salaam,) determine an action plan and act on that plan to help important causes and bring awareness about issues to the greater IST community. 

The students in 3R attended performances and exhibitions on Friday for two periods. The students were paired up with clipboards, pencils and new eraser tops in hand with the mission to find out at least one fact about every booth they visit. It was nice seeing everyone interacting with the grade 5 students and learning about some really cool, relevant topics, many of which we have discussed already this year. Way to go grade 5!

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