Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miss Rorey is a Crocodile!

Did you that I am a crocodile? Well, at least that is what the WWF says. Today in class we discovered this awesome online game that determines your inner animal. You enter your email address and answer a few short questions and pretty soon, you discover what your inner animal is. We found the game by chance, but it was so much fun, we just had to keep playing and postpone our next endangered animal lesson until another day. Ms. Irene was a sloth and the blurb really matched her personality, just like my blurb matched to a crocodile. 

 For homework tonight, the students are going to go on the website, take the quiz for themselves and then ask a family member to play with them. To get there, click here and search the homepage for the title Find Your Inner Animal. You can use the printable below to record your results. Click on it to download and print. Then bring your assignment in to class to share. I can't wait to hear what animal you truly are! 

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