Sunday, May 20, 2012

Action: Last Chance to See Unit

Last week, students brought in items they had made out of trash on the very same day. This was action that they took entirely independently and I welcomed them to share their items with the class. I was thrilled to see the creativity and care that they brought to the project. I can tell that the students are understanding the message of the unit. We are learning that we have an impact on the environment and this affects other species and that everyone has a responsibility to take care of the planet so that living things can thrive in the future.

Alma, Elin and Maiya made bracelets from peanut shells, bottle caps and beads from home. I was impressed about how wonderful they looked and it was such a smart way to reuse common items from home that typically end up in the trash.

Travis brought in some fishing lures that he made from corks. He told us that when he goes fishing, he needs different lures for catching different types of fish. One of the lures he brought in was made to look like one he bought. It was very similar and we were all impressed!

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