Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End Of Year Countdown!

This past Monday I surprised the students with a balloon pop count-down. I got the idea from my teaching team as well as this wonderful blogger.

The first balloon on Monday allowed students to write thank-you notes to their favorite teachers and staff members around the school. I got out the glue, glitter and art supplies and watched them put their creative thoughts to down on paper. I placed the cards in teachers boxes and spread some end of year cheer form 3R. I know we have all been blessed with wonderful teachers this year and it is always nice to tell them how appreciative we are!

Yesterdays balloon presented them with a paper airplane contest. The students got to design an airplane and test it out in class before the contest. I judged for both distance and design, so there were two student winners. They happened to both be girls (I think the boys were a little shocked since they definitely seemed like experts!) It was great fun letting the paper fly in class. The students were so excited to complete this challenge and most students avoided hitting the teacher. Meet though, couldn't keep his airplane from climbing high and landing on the top of furniture and the air con. Good thing I am not too short. At the end, we went outside and had our contest. I think what they enjoyed the most though, was chucking them at me while I took a photo. Fun!

Today the magic balloon allowed them to use markers and sit where they wanted. I will let you ask them how that went! All I can say, is that combined with the smart dress day and the assembly, I am not sure I will ever have that as an option ever again... yes, it was that bad. Luckily, tomorrow is another day!

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