Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sorting Out Exhibition Information

Exhibition is going really, really well and the students got started on writing their central ideas and lines of inquiry this past week. We followed the following steps with much success!

  • Created notecards with facts on them as a group
  • Sorted the notecards into categories
  • Wrote titles for the categories and determined if more research was needed
  • Did more research
  • Sorted the categories into sub-categories
  • Learned how to write an outline and created outlines for our research
  • Examined the POI and discussed the elements of a "good" central idea
  • Looked over lines of inquiry for Units of Inquiry throughout the school
  • Drafted, reflected and revised central ideas as a group
  • Used the central idea checklist to evaluate our central ideas
  • Looked at the key concept questions linked to our research and started to draft lines of inquiry
I am so proud of all of the hard work the kids are doing. Their knowledge and hard work on the PYP elements has been wonderful!


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